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Privacy Policy

This page outlines our policy on how we treat information that you might supply during your visit to our site.

Protecting your Personal Information

When you visit our website, a subscription form will ask you to supply us with your personal contact information (such as your name and email address). This is optional but we encourage subscribing to our email alerts, that way, you receive a notification as soon as we publish something new. As subscribers of our content, your information will be securely stored in a database only access to site administrators. You will never receive emails solely addressed to you either to ask for more information about you or offer any services or products. If you receive such a request, please contact us. Occasionally, you will receive a newsletter with a summary of content posted without a period of time or a special release article (exclusively to subscribers). We have removed contact us forms, and instead provided an email address where users of this site can report any issues on our site. If reach out to us, we will use any personal information you provide to answer any questions or comments that you might have. Your details will be saved until you are happy with our response, and then deleted from our system. This will be typically immediately after your query has been resolved. We always try to ensure that what we report is accurate, but if you do pick up on something that does not sound right, please let us know. We do take comments and suggestions seriously. If you are reporting a problem with our website or content, we may keep a copy of our correspondence to file a report. In this case, your messages will remain anonymous.


Linked Content

Pressure Ink has a strong partnership with Seanasol Research and our posts may regularly contain links to Click to view Seanasol Research privacy policy (opens in new tab). We, however, frequently link to external websites, such as social media platforms. These are outside of our control and we ask that you familiarise yourself with their privacy policies. We do not accept liability for the policies on websites that we do not manage.



We use essential cookies on our website to functionality deliver content safeguarding such as security, verification of identity and network management. These cookies can’t be disabled. Functional cookies and basic analytics cookies can be disabled.  



Pressure Ink is an online publishing platform. We run a zero-ad experience for a simple reading interface and do not depend on any personal information from our visitors. For those who provide contact information to receive post alerts, we will never use those contact details to contact you personally.  

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