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Our Policy

This document outlines our site's policy and terms of use.

Terms of Use

The sole purpose of Pressure Ink ("we", "us", "our") is to act as a communication platform. Information or material presented on this website should not be used for the basis of making business and/or legal decisions and we will not accept responsibility if such actions are taken and result in the loss of profits and/or loss of business. If you attempt to use any information presented on this website for the reasons stated above, you will be doing it at your own risk. Pressure Ink will not be liable for any false, incorrect, inappropriate, inaccurate or incomplete information on this website. The views and opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the original authors and other contributors and does not necesserily represent those of Pressure Ink.


Media Content

As creators, we strive to protect intellectual property and do our best to acknowledge other creators. Some pictures posted on this website are obtained under the Creative Commons Licence, and the appropriate attribution is given when available. This information is displayed at the bottom of each article under the acknowledgement section. Where appropriate, attribution is also given as picture captions. Original artwork produced by Pressure Ink is free to use with modification given that our work is attributed and modifications are described.



We rarely open this platform for other writers, but encourage co-written articles as this helps to maintain the objectives and values of Pressure Ink. For those who want to publish, we provide a self-publishing and advice service and offer book registrations under the Pressure Ink publishing code. We are currently developing an open-source interface for writers. 



 While our readers can subscribe to our content, this in an automated service and we will never use your contact details to contact you personally. For any questions, please address them directly to use by emailing

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