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Your Voices' Freedom

A Dedication to the Art of Humanity

Your Voices' Freedom

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'Your Voices’ Freedom' is a collection of short literary works written in the style of poetic storytelling. Most of the pieces were originally written as songs then adapted into poetry, with exception of “Paper Boats” and “Las Viejas del Pueblo”, which are standalone stories. This collection harmonises to my dedication to the art of humanity, and captures the themes of inequality, self-worth, life, hardship, relationships, faith, philosophy, and death. Almost all the topics that I address are sensitive and personal, and I have included them in here to showcase that life is dynamic and that we are constantly learning and adapting. Several of these selected pieces do not reflect my own experiences but are those of others whom I have met and whose lives have influenced mine. Other pieces generally reflect my views of life and are not representative of a single individual. I use creative writing as the medium to explore my emotions and reflect on my life choices. Understanding myself helps me improve, teach others, and live a life fulfilled.

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